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We deliver to the subscriber timely investment ideas and analysis using a common sense approach to investing – all for the monthly cost of a Venti or two from Starbucks.  Seriously, cheap money for the quality and success we deliver.  Subscribers to our investment newsletter receive communications in three ways - daily within our trading blog, weekly within our Weekend Update and monthly as we produce reports on our best investment ideas.

Long gone are the days an investment newsletter can communicate on a monthly or weekly basis.  A RulingTheMarkets.com subscriber benefits from brief, daily updates to our positions and outlook via our trading blog.  This daily focus on the portfolio allows us to average into and out of investment newsletter picks as we believe proper.  Attempting to  maximize our gains and always limiting our losses.

My experience

I am a CPA with 20+ years of comprehensive business experience. I started my career with a top-tier public accounting firm, where I primarily focused on auditing and consulting – I was then able to transition into a Vice President of Finance role for two companies. One was a $65 million retail company, and the other was a start-up company publicly traded on a venture capital exchange in Canada where we raised $10 million from Wall Street firms like Bankers Trust and Allen & Company, to name a few . Despite these experiences and the promising path I was following, I found investing my passion and began investing full-time over 10 years ago. So with combined experience of more than 20 years and with much encouragement from close associates, I have decided to begin writing a subscription based investment newsletter.  Many people who publish an investment newsletter have never been in a board meeting or raised capital on Wall Street.  My experience and background will offer my investment newsletter subscriber insight utilizing a top-down view of the markets, industries and companies allowing me to provide valuable information about investing in both bull and bear markets.

Investment Strategies

I am not a single-themed investor.  I follow a range of investing strategies including – growth, value and special situation investing.  I also use options (usually as a put writer – rarely as an option buyer) and technical trading.


Unlike Wall Street investment banks and brokerages, I am completely independent. I only publish investment research for educational purposes – I do not solicit banking business. I do not offer brokerage services or manage money.

I am not an investment advisor and I have no company or market conflicts. I am here to offer helpful insight based on years of business experience.

I simply publish my best investment ideas, and trust that customers will stay if I am correct.




Some example of the work we produce are below – enjoy them.

Natural Gas for Energy Independence The investment case for natural gas infrastructure related companies – 11 page report.  This report (from our Spring / Summer 2012 investment newsletter) discusses the economics behind natural gas prices, natural gas availability, cost/benefit of adoption and companies that will benefit.

Stock market crashing

April-May 2012 Market Top - subscribers could have saved $6,000-$8,000 per every $100,000 invested in a S&P500 mutual fund / index fund – in about 7 weeks.

Successful options trade - Apple Apple Option Trade -  Subscribers to our investment newsletter could have made about $6,000 in 7 weeks with an out-of-the-money naked put position.  This naked put sale was perfectly timed with a market sell-off.  You must register to see the Apple report.

Long CSCO option tradeCisco Option Trade -  We recommended closing this trade out early – making 35% in only 4 weeks.   Any member still holding this position at the end of August 2012 would be up about 75% in 13 weeks.

Gold Membership - With the Gold Member GuanenteeNautilus – A $1 Stock Worth A Look -  This company remains one of our favorite speculative plays.  We are patiently waiting more information and better market timing.  Watch the trading blog for daily updates or monthly updates in our investment newsletter.

Editorial opinion on GE and the industrial business

GE Time to Refocus on the Industrial Business (investment newsletter editorial – by RulingTheMarkets) –  General Electric’s (GE) stock performance has been a disaster for the last 12 years…… Two of the companies our investment newsletter follows would fit nicely within GE industrial business.

Billions of natural gas reserve down the drainDown The Drain: Billions of Dollars in Natural Gas Reserve Write-Downs (by RulingTheMarkets) - Many investors I talk with seem confused by a company’s “natural gas reserve calculation” and the impact lower prices have on the economic natural gas reserve calculations and the related balance sheet, income statement and cash flow effects produced by a natural gas reserve write-off……