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Free examples of Basic and Gold Member reports.

Blue Natural Gas FlameThe investment case for natural gas infrastructure related companies – 11 page report.  This report discusses the economics behind natural gas prices, natural gas availability, cost/benefit of adoption and companies that will benefit.

Stock market crashing

April-May 2012 Market Top – subscribers could have saved $6,000-$8,000 per every $100,000 invested in a S&P500 mutual fund / index fund – in about 7 weeks.

Successful options trade - Apple

Apple Option Trade -  Members could have made about $6,000 in 7 weeks with an out-of-the-money, conservative, naked put position. (You must register to see the Apple report).

Cisco Option Trade -  We recommended closing this trade out early – making 35% in only 4 weeks.   Any member still holding this position at the end of August 2012 would be up about 75% in 13 weeks.

Gold Membership - With the Gold Member GuanenteeNautilus – A $1 Stock Worth A Look -  This company remains one of our favorite speculative plays.  We are patiently waiting more information and better market timing.  Watch the trading blog for daily updates.


Some of the other companies / industries we have reported on are as follows;

  • Westport Innovations – 17 page report
  • Chart Industries – 13 page report
  • Top 40 U.S. natural gas producers
  • Natural gas reserve write-down discussion
  • YPF review and follow-up
  • Discussion of the cardiac rhythm market MDT / STJ / BSX and our 6 page report - Bullish case for Boston Scientific.
  • Many other comments, analysis and discussions communicated in our “Weekend Update” available to all subscribers.

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