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Pimco talking about Spanish unemployment… Time to buy coal stocks… Natural gas infrastructure… Real money gaming goes live in U.S. BTU, AAPL, ZNGA, Gold Member play Dec2012 up 40%
Apple at $400… Spanish Unemployment at 27%… JC Penny ZNGA, AAPL, JCP
Is the government really this stupid… Ugly week in the stock market SPY, AAPL, SQNM, YPF
LNG build out, JC Penny, Bulls are out JCP, Shale oil pick, SQNM, YPF
SPY technical analysis update, portfolio update SPY, YPF, ZNGA, SQNM +others
European Union, SPY technical analysis SPY, WPRT, +others
Natural Gas Pricing and Supply – Time to stay long WPRT, SQNM, XOM, CHK, APC, +others
Part #2 – A watch list of natural gas infrastructure companies, SPY and WPRT technical updates SPY, WPRT, CVX, APA, ARII + others
A watch list of natural gas infrastructure companies, SPY and WPRT technical updates SPY, WPRT, CBI, KBR, GLNG + others
Excellent week for the model portfolio – Westport Innovations buyout rumors? ZNGA, WPRT, Gold Member investments making new highs
SPY technical analysis – Correction or continuation? Zynga, Westport Innovations, YPF and Gold Member Trading Blog SPY, ZNGA, WPRT, YPF
Shale Oil and Gas in Texas – The Permian Basin – Part 2 ZNGA, WPRT, Gold Member Jan2013#2
Shale Oil and Gas in Texas – The Permian Basin YPF, WPRT, ZNGA
Technical Analysis Tips That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Every stock the model portfolio owns is profitable
Investing versus Trading and the California Gambling Bill ZNGA, Jan2013 Gold Member play#2
2012 Investment Performance, Zynga and Nautilus Minerals SPY, ZNGA, NUSMF, Jan2013 Gold Member play
SPY technical analysis update and Zynga SPY, ZNGA, YPF
Reward versus Risk Investing – Portfolio Investment Review YPF, SQNM, NUSMF
4 Rules to limit investment risk – current position updates – Japan and LNG YPF, SQNM, Gold Member Dec2012 play
YPF up 20% – Our proprietary natural gas / diesel chart YPF, NUSMF, ZNGA
Natural gas infrastructure, Sequenom up 50%, SPY update SPY, SQNM, AAPL, YPF
Politicians save the day, Technical analysis update, IEA outlook SPY, AAPL, SQNM
Shale investor warning – oil is everywhere, Technical analysis GTLS, AAPL
SPY in danger, Oil supply, Top 40 natural gas producers, founding member offer ZNGA, SQNM, YPF, ROSG
Apple getting hammered, Market looks to be forming a top here none
New web page, European Banks, Gold from the ocean floor, Naked puts in Apple ZNGA, SQNM, ROSG
Natural gas technical analysis, Natural gas / diesel comparison chart, LNG shippers, Reserve your membership GLOG, TNK, GLNG, DNDN
New website, Shale definitions, Potentially the largest shale play outside of North America, Drilling for shale visual explanation DNDN, NAK, ROSG, GTLS
Investing for HUGE returns – story stocks, Moving from awful to less awful, Westport Innovations getting trashed again YPF, WPRT, GLOG
Investing one “tranche” at a time, Natural gas demand will last for decades, Our model portfolio DNDN, YPF, GTLS
Natural gas “fracking”, ECB buying bonds, YPF – the country is a political mess but the assets are real, Portfolio performance review YPF, GTLS
Market gap under support, Technical SPY review WPRT, GTLS, DNDN, YPF
Natural gas thesis, Reserves, Health of S&P STJ, GTLS, WPRT
Mining the ocean floor, S&P analysis – volume is non-existent NUS/NUSMF, DNDN
90% of the S7P has reported – 60% missed sales estimates, No volume in the market DNDN
Equity markets are confused – bullish one day bearish the next none
Spain unemployment > 20%, Bailout dollars everywhere BSX, MDT
10-year treasury yields are nuts, Mr. Bernanke BSX, NUS/NUSMF
Market daily chart is a technical mess time to sit tight, Model portfolio performance review none
On vacation see you next week none
Market technicals flip / flop in 5 days, Our mutual fund cash position DNDN, YPF, SPY
Spain borrowing costs, Moody’s downgrade of major banks, China slowing none
Greek elections this weekend, Spanish yields, Spanish unemployment, St Jude lead problems STJ, BSX, MDT
Time to take advantage of the option premiums – 2 plays CSCO, AAPL, NUS/NUSMF
May 2012 was the worst month in 2 years none
China slowing?, Top natural gas producers WPRT, STJ, ROSG
European debt crisis, S&P still falling look out below none
S&P 500 falling hard, trim longs WPRT, BSX
Natural gas engines, S&P index WPRT