Investing / Trading Portfolio

The RulingTheMarkets investing portfolio goal will be to significantly outperform the Standard and Poor’s index over time and will focus on a limited number of positions.  Stock investments (long and short) will be the primary focus for our model portfolio.

The model portfolio will invest along with the published trade recommendations – averaging into and out-of investments over time as the general market internals and our proprietary analysis dictate. These selections will be “core holdings” over the medium (months) to long-term (years).

Our model portfolio works within these limitation / assumptions.
  • Maximum 5 – 7 equity positions.
  • Starting cash of $150,000, so initially around $30,000 per full position.
  • I allow more than $30,000 per position when averaging into profitable investments.
  • Maximum loss per investment is 20% and I do my best to keep losses under 10%.
  • Average into and out-of investments utilizing “tranches” as follows – approximately
    • 25% allocation = $7,500
    • 33% allocation = $10,000
    • 50% allocation = $15,000
    • 100% allocation = $30,000
Model portfolio results can be seen here – Available to paying members only.